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US Tax Law dictates how much you get paid! With Tax Liens you can earn yearly interest rates of 18%, as in Florida, 25% in Texas, and up to 36% interest per year in Illinois.
Guaranteed by the properties on which these certificates are placed.

It’s a win-win-win situation. And when everybody wins, the system works great.
It’s been working since 1698. More than 300 years. And it will work for you too…

What are Tax Liens? Watch the video...

Do you find yourself in at least one
of these 3 situations?

You’ve heard about Tax Liens but do not know where to start and
you want to know more.

Real Estate has always fascinated you but you don't have much capital to start.

You’ve already taken on Real Estate and would like to add Tax Liens to your investment portfolio.

Yes? Then Tax Lien Pro
is the right course for you!

Let me introduce myself

Emanuel Wijkhuisen

I’m from Dutch-Italian origins and I’m a passionate Real Estate investor, author and coach involved in several business ventures both in Italy and abroad.

I’ve had the fortune to learn from mentors like Ken Mc Elroy, Robert Kiyosaki, Keith Cunnigham, Roy Le Grand, Dean Graziosi, and many others.

I’m specialized in Tax Liens and Tax Deeds investing. I founded the first Italian community that teaches how to invest in US tax liens and tax deeds 100% from abroad and it has been a great success. I also co-founded a software that helps investors quickly find tax sales lists and speed up the research process. Last but not least I funded where I and my partners help foreign entrepreneurs worldwide set up their companies in the USA and help them start their dream businesses. 

Umberto Sacco

I’m Umberto, I live in Milan, and I’m a digital entrepreneur.

In 2011 I founded my first Real Estate company in Florida, named 21 Realty Company Inc., and in the same year, I completed my first property purchase through Foreclosure.

In 2012 I attended my first Tax Liens course in Italy, where I learned the basics of tax lien investing which I became passionate about. Since 2015 I’ve been involved in Real Estate auctions, and I manage a small group of properties in Milan.

Why should you consider it?


A decade of experience
in US Real Estate.

We’ve created a simple result-driven system, that will help you obtain success faster.


This is a tried-and-true, step-by-step system.

With this tested system you’ll avoid making mistakes. You just follow our 12 step process.


You don’t have to have prior Real Estate experience.

Even if you’ve never purchased
a property ever before,
you can start from zero.

What are the topics of this course?

1. Introduction to Tax Liens, what are they and how they work

2. Tax Lien Auctions

3. Prepare to buy tax liens

4. Preliminary Research. The best areas to invest in

5. The Tax Lien due diligence process step by step

6. Incorporate your company in USA

7. Super strategies to maximize your returns

8. Keeping track of data

9. Taking Action

10. New Jersey Adventure

11. Extra

This course is for you if...

  • If you can dedicate at least 3-4 hours a week.
  • If you like the Real Estate, but don’t have much capital to start with.
  • You want to take on a new side business from home.
  • You’re eager to learn new skills and have a strong will to succeed.

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You can’t dedicate 3-4 hours a week to this new activity.
  • You have no budget to invest (not even minimal).
  • You want to get rich quickly.
  • You’re looking for an automatic money-making system.
  • You’re not willing to be committed and put in the effort to succeed.

What our students say

Dario Siletto
Dario SilettoClub Manager & Owner Golf Club
Read More
I’m truly satisfied! The course is structured in a clear and understandable way, a pleasure to follow and so engaging that any time I finished studying a video I couldn’t wait to do the exercises and study the next video. The attachments for organization and business management are very useful.
Laura Brettagna
Laura BrettagnaTrader and entrepreneur
Read More
Tax Liens Pro is both a video course and a proper manual that follows you step-by-step to purchase your first Tax Liens in America. Very clear and never boring, it is certainly a rare pearl in the panorama of development in Italy. Thank you!
Tony Durante
Tony DuranteReal Estate entrepreneur
Read More
The course is great, clear and engaging thanks to the topics covered. Luckily these courses exist that open you up to opportunities that you would never have known of if not for those who dedicate themselves to bringing knowledge. Thank you to the creators of the course, and I can’t wait to buy my first Tax Liens.
Omar Bortolato
Omar BortolatoBusiness Intelligence Manager
Read More
I found this course because of a friend and I discovered a completely undiscovered world. The good thing is it’s unknown by many people, even by Americans themselves. A course that takes you from 0 to making your first operations independently, simple and at the same time complete with many available tools and 5-star support. An excellent tool in the arsenal for reaching financial independence.
Roberto Rossi
Roberto RossiBusiness consultant and trader
Read More
In researching alternative business opportunities, this course introduced me to an unexplored world that nobody had talked to me about until now. The course is well-structured, with clarity and gradualness that allows you to become autonomous in all the phases in which the business is organized. Absolutely recommended for those that want to diversify and independently manage a part of their finances.

Diego Bogetti - Cuneo (CN)

Let's Recap


I have more than a decade of experience in the tax lien and tax deed industry. Together we’ve created a simple result-driven system, the result of years of experience.


With this proven system you’ll avoid making mistakes. just follow our 12-step process.


You don’t need necessarily to have Real Estate experience. You can start from zero with Tax Lien certificates in the US Real Estate market even if you live abroad.

3 myths to debunk about Tax Liens


There are great Tax Liens to purchase starting at $500 (at the Commissioners Sales auctions). You don’t need to buy expensive Tax Liens in order to make great profits.


We will help you become a tax lien superstar! Start from the basics, follow our proven steps and we will help you master the skills of a tax sale expert.


When you receive your dividends, taxation, as a physical person, will be compared to a financial income (26%) and these earnings will not accumulate with your existing income(s).


False. If you live abroad and take the opportunity to invest in tax liens and tax deeds you need a U.S. company, no way around it. That's why we have created MyUSA Service a company that helps foreign entrepreneurs, just like you, set up their LLCs. 100% remotely without having to travel to the US.

F.A.Q. about tax liens

One of the biggest fears of potential Tax Lien buyers is finding a lot of competition at auctions.

Will I find myself in a situation like this?

It depends, if your strategy is buying Tax Liens from only one or two counties, there could be a lot of strong competition and you could lose your enthusiasm.

If instead your investment strategy foresees, like ours, the purchase of Tax Liens all over America directly from home, then you won’t have problems with competition.

Here’s an example:

If you purchase some Tax Lien certificates at auction from a county that pays 18% yearly interest but has few Tax Liens and whose auctions are attended by big investors, the competition will be notable and you’ll have practically no chance of taking home quality Tax Liens.

If instead you buy Tax Liens OTC (Over the Counter) right after the auction through “Assignment Purchasing” in a county that has a large amount of certificates available, you’ll be able to buy great Tax Liens at the maximum interest rate and on extraordinary properties.

Remember that more than 2,000 American counties offer Tax Liens: you just need to choose!

In all these years in the Tax Liens and Tax Deeds business we’ve had many experiences that have given us an opportunity for reflection.
Risk is an intrinsic part of every type of business.
If you buy a property to rent it out, if you open a business, if you buy stocks, you must keep in mind the risk in what you do.
Your skill is reducing risk to a minimum level.
Even when you purchase Tax Liens, there is a risk, minimal, but it’s there.
The most common risks could be due to:
– debts that could survive past the auction, like IRS Liens
– Property owner bankruptcy
– compromised property structure
– contaminated or polluted areas
– unusable land or terrain
– zero-value properties
Keep in mind that these risk factors are also present when you buy your main residence, therefore it’s absolutely necessary to do due research to avoid all of these problems.
In Tax Liens we apply Due Diligence.
Just understanding the risks involved with this type of investment gives you an advantage, with the right strategy, to avoid every one of these problems.
Some counties report these types of properties on their list, other counties even take them off directly.

American banks are very interested in Tax Liens.

There are many reasons, here are two:

  1. The first is because banks go to live auctions, especially in the auctions where the bid down procedure is applied and bring down the interest rate to practically 0 (0.25% exactly).

This way they have 3 advantages:

They get rid of smaller investors

In some states like Florida, when the interest rate goes below 3% they receive 5% by default

They have first dibs on Tax Liens from the following years, taking the State’s maximum interest rate without going to auction.

2) The second reason is a statistical factor: of every 100 Tax Lien certificates, some of these (from 1% to 3%) are not paid off and therefore the bank starts the foreclosure process and becomes owner of the property.

Obviously banks are not interested in keeping the properties, so they put them up at a new auction, and again generate a profit.

This is what happens at online auctions.

And what do we do?

  • We buy OTC Tax Liens without going to auctions (directly from home and online)
  • At Commissioners Sales we buy certificates that are due within 4 months and generate 10%
  • We buy Foreclosable Liens that are close to the redemption period deadline, quickly recouping the initial investment.

It’s not like that in reality. Here’s why:

When we buy a Tax Lien certificate we pay somebody else’s overdue taxes and in this way we give time to the legitimate property owner to gather the money necessary to pay off their debt.

Our invested money accumulates interest, which must be paid along with the debt by the owner.

This way we will have given the owner the opportunity and time (from 4 months to 4 years, depending on the county) to pay off their debt and not lose their property..

I can’t think of any other type of creditor that gives such a long time to pay off debt without consequences.

To summarize:

– The owner benefits from more time to gather the money needed to pay off overdue debts, without losing their property for a period ranging from 4 months to 4 years.

– The county and the community benefit from our investment to continue to supply essential services like schools, police departments, waste collection etc.

– And the investor naturally benefits from a financial gain, because they receive interest on the invested money from 8% to 36% a year.

It’s a win-win-win situation.

Tax Lien Certificates are socially ethical investments that help communities and people in financial difficulty.

It’s strange if you think about it: Tax Liens have been around for more than 300 years and nobody has told you about them.

The oldest recorded Tax Lien we know of goes back to 1698 in NYC with an interest rate of 20%.

So why hasn’t your financial advisor, your bank, your trusted broker never talked to you about Tax Lien Certificates?


Tax Lien certificates are non-commission investment products.

This means that nobody can request or receive commissions on Tax Liens.

Furthermore it would be against their interests to suggest a type of investment that yields 18%, 25%, 36% a year and for which they cannot receive a commission.

Their investments, so-called safe, on which you pay their commission and they guarantee you an interest rate of 1% or 2% a year (gross) would be heavily affected.

In this case only the banks always do the business.

Tax Lien Certificates are not regulated by the same financial institutions that regulate the majority of American stocks and mutual investment funds, like the SEC – Security Exchange Commission – or FINRA – Financial Industry Regulatory Commission, but are regulated by the procedures written in American State Law.

The question we’ve often asked ourselves these years: why would somebody risk losing their house every day even for a few hundred dollars in overdue taxes?

The truth is that it doesn’t happen that often, fortunately.

The majority of owners don’t lose their house for a debt of a few hundred or thousand dollars in overdue taxes.

An overwhelming majority of Tax Liens (more than 97%) is redeemed and guarantees the investor an interest of 18%, 25% or 36% every year on the invested money.

The certificates that are not redeemed, usually, are those placed on secondary properties where the owner resides in another State or is deceased.

Thousands and thousands of this type of property are acquired through the Tax Liens process every year.
With the advent of the recent economic recession, and the sub-prime mortgage scandal, we’ve seen an incredible increase in unpaid overdue taxes, often because the value of the mortgage surpasses the value of the property itself.

In the USA there is an estimated value of 7 to 10 billion dollars in unpaid property taxes every year.

F.A.Q. about the course

The price you see is all-inclusive (including taxes), and is a one-time payment. You will have access to your video course for 7 years.

Yes, you will receive your invoice right after your purchased.

The payments accepted on our site are:

Wire/Bank Transfer
Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) – Debit Cards and Prepaid Cards are accepted

We offer email and Telegram® chat support during regular business hours.

Tax Lien Pro is structured in small 5 to 15 minutes videos divided in 10 modules covering specific topics and strategies.

Sure, this video course is also designed especially for mobile devices such as Tablets and Smartphones. You just needs an Internet connection, and you can view the videos directly from your mobile device.

Don’t have the time?

When you work and have a family,  you don’t have much time available. But you know that you need to something about your financial situation to provide your family the financial security they deserve.
Time and knowledge are important today
and always acquire more value with the passing of time.

When get older, it seems like life has slipped trough your fingers.

You’d like to do so many things, but don’t have the time to do them all.

It is exactly at this moment that you need to make a small effort, every day, towards financial independence, and Tax Liens are an extremely powerful and efficient tool for reaching financial freedom.

Here’s why:

1. They’ve been around for more than 300 years, they’re safe, have low risk, and are very profitable.

2. You can purchase them directly from the comfort of your home, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

3. They are perfect if you have a small budget to start with: the average Tax Lien costs you around $1,500.

4. If you live abroad and want to invest in Tax Liens, you need a US LLC. We can help you set one up easly and without the hassle. US LLCs are a great vehicle to pay fewer taxes and offers so many other advantages

5. You can take advantage of compounding, that means, continually reinvesting the capital and the profits you will be receiving; this will accelerate your goal to financial independence.

6. you can use Tax Liens to purchase Real Estate very cheaply and build your Real Estate portfolio fast with minimum capital.  Check out indiana Commissioners Sales, where you can buy Tax Liens properties for pennies on the dollar with a 120 day redemption period.

Do you know what that means? That means that If the property owner doesn’t pay in  4 months, you will end up owning the property.

And if they pay? You will get a nice 10% interest on your money, and if you do it every 4 months, you make 30% in a year.

7. Tax Liens are transferable from one company to the other at the cost of $10. Therefore if you don’t want to own a property, before the foreclosure procedure, you can sell your certificate to another investor and immediately collect capital and interests.

8. There are over  10 to 15 billion dollars in unpaid taxes every year in the United States. This means there are millions of Tax Liens available on every year in the US. So what are you waiting for! Start Now!


Live life on your terms and by design, start your journey now toward your financial independence.

Hop on board, we’re here, and we want to make tax lien academy the biggest Tax Liens and Tax Deeds community on the internet!

What’s in the video course?

61 Videos divided into 10 Modules
You’ll be able to watch them on your pc, tablet or smartphone as many times as you like.
2 Webinar Online
You’ll have access to 2 recorded webinars (one every 6 months) directly from your home or your office. During the webinars, we’ll evaluate some case studies together, and there will be a full Q&A session.
30 day free trial to Fastlien® software
This is a game-changer! You will gain access to nationwide tax sale lists for 98% of all U.S. counties. Perform research and manage your tax lien portfolio, all in one convenient platform. (*$49/month after the trial).
Free 24/4 support via email or Telegram.
Need help? Contact us via email or chat.
Tax Liens Certification
Get certified by one of our coaches after completed the course.
Access to the private Telegram Channel
To receive all important information in real-time. If you have doubts about how to proceed, you’ll be able to ask us for free assistance.

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